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5 Ways To Be A Positive Parent (And Why It’s Important To Your Child)

5 Ways To Be A Positive Parent (And Why It’s Important To Your Child)


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What’s inside: 6 Ways To Be A Positive Parent (And Why It’s Important To Your Child)

The One Word We Should Stop Saying

No one is perfect. No home, no family, and no day is perfect. But most parents strive to get the perfect home and raising perfectly well-behaved children. Because they love them. They love their child and they do what they think is best in order to provide a positive surrounding for their child.

But parenting is hard. And at the end of a long and frustrating day, it’s not easy staying positive and patient around your child.

It’s way too easy to start raising your voice when your child spills out his drink during dinner or refuses to put on the pajamas when it’s bedtime.

“Stop playing with your food!”

“Stop jumping around!”

“Stop screaming!”

“Stop doing that!”

Stop, stop, stop. It’s a word that we as parents use waaay too much. Do you agree?

Sometimes it’s we, the parents, who just needs to stop. We need to stop what we’re doing, take a step back and evaluate our approach.

Our words do matter when we talk to our children. Using negative language will of course effect our children negatively and creating a positive home environment for our children is important. Using words like “Stop” and “Don’t” is not the way to create that positive surrounding.

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Remember to Bookmark, Print or Pin this list so you can easily access it the day your child starts disrespecting you or anyone else.

How to be a peaceful parent  | Peaceful parenting | Child development | Parenting tips for toddlers | Parenting tips for kids | How to stop yelling at your kids | Peaceful parenting ideas | Peaceful parenting advice | #ParentingTips | #Peacefulparenting | #toddlers |

5 Ways To Be A Positive Parent 

Children who grow up in loving and positive homes don’t just feel heard, respected, loved and safe. But they also develop confidence, positive self-esteem and learn the basics of establishing good relationships with other people.

So how should we discipline our children without using those negative words such as “Don’t”, “Stop” and “No”? Here are 5 tips on how you can create a positive environment in your home:

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1. Show Love

Your children need to know how much you love them. And when they’ve done something wrong or broken the rules, that’s when they need to know it the most. Hold them, hug them, kiss them, and tell them how much you love them because the love you have for them is unconditional. By showing affection to your child after a fight or when you simply just disagree, your child will learn to open up and express his feelings even though he’s upset.

2. Learn The Reason Why

Children don’t misbehave for no reason. You might find the reason silly or meaningless but it is a big deal to your child and the reason for why they behave the way they do. It might be as simple as that someone took the toy he wanted but knowing the reason why your child reacts in a situation can help you make your child feel understood and heard. Even if your child doesn’t get their way, at least their need and opinion have been recognized.

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3. Positive Encouragement

There will be no child person in your child’s life that will have a greater impact on them than you. Your child will always carry with them what you say and will believe whatever you tell them. If you encourage them in a positive way, support them and accept them for who they are, they will do it too. You are the one who forms your child’s self-esteem and if you use negative encouragement or say hurtful things, that self-esteem will be destroyed.

4. Walk Away

If you feel that you can’t stop yelling at your children, that you’re exhausted or have run out of patient – walk away! Take a few minutes to yourself to calm down so that you can come back and speak to your children in a respectful way. Walking away stops you from saying something you’ll later regret and you’ll have time to clear your mind and figure out how you want to address the problem in the best way possible.

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5. Be A Role Model

Children learn by watching our behavior. They take after the way we act, talk, and treat other people. When you use bad words, your child learns to do it too. When you tell your spouse that he can’t do anything right, your child learns that this is the way you talk in relationships. If you think that your child needs to improve their behavior, then start by taking a look at yourself. Start using a positive language, show respect and love, and your child will follow.


You can’t expect a change in your child’s behavior overnight. Positive parenting is about teaching your child the behavior you want them to use. It takes time and a lot of patience and you need to make a choice every day to form your child into a confident person by using positive parenting.

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