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Summer Guide – Great Ideas For An Awesome Summer With Kids

Summer Guide – Great Ideas For An Awesome Summer With Kids

How To Activate Kids During A Long Summer

You wait and dream about summer all year long. You fantasize about laying under a hot sun, walking barefoot in the warm sand and maybe even about a refreshing dip in the ocean.

In your mental picture, you’re having a wonderful day at the beach with your family. Your kids are building a sand castle while you watch from a distance and when they’re finished, they go on to a new exciting activity.

Well, at least that’s the fantasy. 

But most often, here’s what really happens:

You’re trying to plan a nice family vacation but one kid thinks it sounds boring and the other one wants to go but at the same time, don’t want to stop watching the iPad.

You spend an hour packing everything that you need to bring with one kid pulling your leg and the other one screaming ”Mom, I’m bored!”.

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When you’ve finally arrived at your destination your so mentally exhausted that you find it difficult to relax and enjoy your trip.

And if this isn’t how it normally goes for you, then hats off to you my friend!

But if this is a situation that you recognize, then I’m happy to announce that I’ve joined a couple of bloggers from Parent Bloggers Tribe and we’ve put together a list of summer fun with kids just for you.

Have a happy summer!


Summer Activities For Kids! Tips from 12 awesome bloggers! Klicka för att Tweeta

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Summer Tips From 12 Bloggers

I’ve joined forces with 11 other bloggers and here’s our list of summer fun for kids:


1. Tips To Take Your Baby To The Beach

Are you planning on going to the beach with your baby this summer? If you haven’t gone to the beach with a baby before, it might feel a bit scary. But don’t let the hot sun and all the sand discourage you from going to the beach. If you follow these guidelines you’re in for a memorable day (guaranteed!).
Hampton Roads Moms


2. How To Pack For A Beach Trip With A Toddler

So maybe you took your baby to the beach last summer and everything went just fine. But now your little angel is all grown up (okay, just almost) and the packing list looks a little bit different this year. If you want to have a relaxing and fun day at the beach, you need to plan ahead and bring the right things.
Fab Working Mom Life


3. Flavored Lemonade

Staying hydrated is very important. Especially during the summer when it’s hot and you need to drink more than you’re used too. Water is the ultimate go-to drink but sometimes you just need something a bit more yummy. Like this flavored lemonade with fresh fruit.
Love my Big Happy Family


4. DIY Summer Bucket List Jar

Start the summer off with a craft that helps you prevent your kids from becoming bored. Create a summer bucket list with a fun little twist. Then let your kids draw a stick with an activity on it from the jar. Will you complete your bucket list in time for fall?
Major League Mommy


Two Websites I’m Loving for Summer Learning

5. Two Websites I’m Loving for Summer Learning

Just because it’s summer, it doesn’t mean that you have to take a break from teaching your kids. Sure, summer can be all about the outdoors, play and games. But occasionally, some kids needs a little brain break where they get to challenge their minds a bit. Here are two websites that are great for learning.
Diary of a Deelexia Mom


6. What We’re Reading | Books About Summer

Are you one of those people that read more during the summer? I used to read all the time while sunbathing. But that haven’t happened since I got myself a couple of kids. Angela over at the Triplet Farm shares some great reading tips for kids about summer that you should check out.
The Triplet Farm


Tips when taking your baby or toddler to the beach, +150 summer activities for kids and more! Klicka för att Tweeta

7. 50 Fun Summer Activities for Kids

Summer is so close I can almost feel it. And it’s time to start making plans! Keeping young kids activated all day long can be challenging (to say the least!). Inez at ForTheLoveOfMom has made a list of 50 activities you can do at home or locally. There are also several ideas to include friends, extended family, and neighbors.
For the Love of Mom


8. 101 Fun Kids Activities To Do This Summer (That Barely Cost Anything)

Add this list with the one above and you get almost 150 activities (after you’ve removed some duplicates) that you can do with your kids this summer. The list includes activities that you can do when it’s raining, when the weather is nice, crafts you can make, games you can play in the car on your road trips, amazing (and easy!) dishes your kids can cook and adventures you can go on. Check out this list and you’re in for a quite memorable summer.
Awesome Alice



9. The Secret To The Perfect Hike With A Preschooler Is Easier Than You Might Think

Bringing along a preschooler on activities can sometimes be really frustrating. In your head, you plan the day out to be perfect and almost magical. But you soon realize that you might have wished for too much. It is hard for a 2-3-year-old to keep her attention on a hike. But don’t worry. The secret to the perfect hike with a preschooler is easier than you think.


10. Summer Boredom Busters On A Budget

If your looking for fun, inexpensive activities for the kids to do, you’ve come to the right place. This list consists of some ideas that I’ve never even thought about. Take advice from this list and you’re in for totally fun and interesting summer.
Totally Mommed It!


11. Summer Projects: Tie Dye Shirts

Are you looking for a cool summer project to try with your kids? Here’s a colorful one that they’ll find both fun and interesting. If you haven’t tie dyed before, then you need to check out this tutorial first.
Muddy Boots & Diamonds


12. How to Have Fun With Your Toddler This Summer

Are you ready for a summer filled with fun with your toddler? No? Well here’s some tips for you on the way! Having fun with a toddler isn’t all that complicated. But they do need to be activated more than you think. Here are some great ideas on what to do with your toddler (both indoors and outdoors) this summer.
Everyone’s Sleeping But Mom


Before you leave, make sure to check out the ultimate summer’s list: 101 Fun Kids Activities To Do This Summer (That Barely Cost Anything)

We’re also working hard on writing these posts:

  • Potty Training Methods
  • Skills To Teach Your Child When You’re Having Another Baby

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Let’s chat down below! What items did you find most useful during your baby’s first couple of months?


  1. Kanani

    While I love our boredom busters on a budget, I’m super excited for the DIY bucket list for summer. We’re making one this week!

  2. Keri

    I love this! I have been focused on all thing summer lately!

  3. jhilmil

    Flavoured favourite:).. love the summer projects, as I have been doing the same with my lil one!

  4. Audria

    I have read so many of these and love that they are full of great activities and fun. I am hoping to try some this summer.

  5. Janet yarwood

    Some great ideas here. We’ll be trying lots of them over the summer

  6. Sarah

    Great lists. Thank you! I have my kids pretty busy in the summer usually, because if I don’t they start to fight, and it drives me crazy.

  7. Devon

    Great roundup! I love the learning websites. It’s sometimes a struggle to keep the kids learning throughout the summer.

  8. Angela Walker

    Great ideas!! We love reading, especially in the summer it can be done anywhere!

  9. Sunny

    Great collection of tips, ideas, and advice! One place to go for all things summer!

  10. Jenn

    This will be our first summer with the baby! I excited to try new activities, including the beach!

  11. catie

    I love the summer bucketlist jar! We’ve done something similar before and are doing that one again this year.

  12. Emily meagher

    I’m definitely saving this post! My children are still too young for some of these things, but it will be great to refer back to later!

    • AwesomeAlice

      I hope you have a great summer anyway! 😀



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