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27 Ways To Show Your Husband That You Love Him And Keep The Spark Alive

27 Ways To Show Your Husband That You Love Him And Keep The Spark Alive

27 ways to show your husband love. Free relationship test

27 loving ways to woo your husband
The 27 best ways to show love
27 ways to show someone that you love them

Are You Too Busy For Love?

You’ve found the one you’ll spend the rest of your life with. Mr right. Maybe you’ve just met. Maybe you’ve been dating for a couple of years. Or maybe you’re about to celebrate your 10th anniversary and already have a couple of kids in the back.

It doesn’t really matter how long you’ve been together. What matters is your feelings and how you show love to one another.

Love can be shown in many different ways. It can be spoken with words by saying “I love you”. But it can also be hidden in the way we say “Drive safe”, “Grab an extra sweater”, or “Sleep tight”.

It can be shown with affection trough our everyday actions. When we’re being generous, kind, or by touching.

Perhaps you two are already great at showing each other love every day. Or perhaps you’re like me and my husband. We’re so busy with taking care of our young kids, work, and everything else, that we’ve almost forgotten about each other.

I can’t even remember the last time that we told each other “I love you”. I can’t remember the last time that we kissed goodbye. And I can’t remember the last time that we went for a walk just to hold hands.

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Does Action Speak Louder Than Words?

When it comes to love, I do believe that actions speak louder than words. My husband and I show each other love in a various of ways, even though we rarely touch or say how we feel.

Love can be shown by giving your spouse the chance to sleep in, by cooking his favorite meal, or by ironing his favorite shirt. These are examples of how I show my husband love. And here are examples of 27 more ways that I could.


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1. Do  chores

So romantic, right? Well, if you’re doing the chores that you know that your spouse hate or the once that he usually does. Then you’re being romantic!


2. Cook his favorite meal

The way to a man’s heart might not actually be through his stomach. But it sure is nice to come home from a long day at work, only to find your favorite meal on the table. And yes, it is totally okay to order in if his favorite meal is pizza.


3. Take him out to dinner

Your husband shouldn’t have to be the one to ask you out on a date. Make a reservation at a restaurant that you know he likes, and make sure that you get the tab. This will make him feel special, even if you have a joint bank account.

4. Talk to him

Talk to your husband about other things than just the kids or what you did today. It’s easy to forget how to talk to each other when you’ve been together a long time.


5. Listen to him

Even if the topic isn’t of your interest, you need to make an effort and listen to what he has to say. Not being heard by the most important person in your world is hurtful.


6. Let him guide you

You can just take your friends advice all the time. You need to trust that your husband knows you. Take his advice when he recommends you something. It can be advice about your job or perhaps something small like a new ice cream flavor. Taking his advice will let him know that you think his opinion matter.

7. Engage in activities he likes

Does he love to golf? Take an afternoon of and play a round with him! Does he love enduro? Go along and cheer for him! For a while, I did the mistake of calling my husband’s interest nerdy. That was such an intimacy killer. You wouldn’t like it if your spouse made fun of your hobbies either, right?


8. Make his birthday a big deal

You should obviously show your husband that he’s special to you every single day. But his birthday is a big deal. Even if he sais that he doesn’t care about his birthday, you should show him that you care about his birthday. Get up and make him breakfast. Even if he starts work at 6 am.


How to show love

9. Watch his favorite movie

Yes, his favorite movie is probably one of those fist-fighting, gun-shooting, angry-guy, action movies. And it will probably not be 120 minutes of pure fun. But I bet your husband will appreciate you for giving it a try. And who knows, maybe he’ll agree to watch a romcom for you.


10. Make him breakfast

Getting coffee and breakfast served when you’re tired is great. Getting coffee and breakfast served in bed is even better.


11. Put your phone away

When you’re spending time with him. Whether you’re watching his favorite movie, going with him on the golf course or taking him out to dinner. Make sure you’re giving him your complete and fully attention. So put that phone away on mute!


12. Tell him about your fantasies

There is no greater way of showing someone you trust them than to tell that person about your fantasies. And I mean your dirty fantasies of course. You’re not going to scare him away. I promise that whatever you say, he’ll find it sexy.You might need some wine to be comfortable for this one, though. And you don’t have to say something big like having a threesome. Maybe start with being blindfolded.


13. Act out his fantasy

When you’ve told him about your fantasies, let him tell you yours. And if it’s something you’re comfortable with doing. Act out on it. If not. It can be hot to just talk about sex and that might be enough to spice up your sex life.


14. Kiss him

Give him a kiss when he’s not expecting it. Take a break when you’re doing something boring like chores and just kiss away for a minute. It’s easy to forget about intimacy in our everyday life. Let’s not do that mistake.


15. Take a bath together (or shower)

Light some candles, turn on some music, and turn off the lights. Then slip into the tub (or shower) with your better half and cuddle.


16. Take care of him when he’s sick

I know that men get sick a lot. Like for real, a lot! But when he’s sick, he doesn’t want to hear you say ”come on”, ”get up” or ”look alive”. And you wouldn’t either! Buy medicine for him, give him soup and kiss his forehead.


17. Buy a gift

You don’t have to buy roses or chocolate for him. But if you see something that you think he might like, then buy it for him and give him as a surprise. It will be much appreciated.


18. Give a compliment

Tell him how handsome he looks when he just step out of the shower and doesn’t expect it or feel it. And tell him how strong he is when he’s lifting those heavy grocery bags. It’s easy to be a nag sometimes. You need to give your man some compliments as well.

19. Serve him a beverage

Serve him a glass of cold lemonade when it’s hot outside and he’s mowing the lawn. Or a cup of coffee in the afternoon when he’s sitting on the couch. Serving him a beverage when you think he wants one is a way of showing him that you cater to his needs.


20. Notice when he’s got a haircut

He might not have a lot of hair. And maybe you don’t even see a difference. But you should tell him that he looks good after getting a haircut.


21. Go with him on his errands

His errands may be dull. But they aren’t to him. If you don’t have anything important to do, go with him on his errands. Give advice and look interested when he’s talking about these new and great golf balls (or whatever it might be..).


22. Ask him about his hopes and dreams

Show your man that his hopes and dreams are important to you. Make a plan of how you can make his dreams happen. Even if it’s an unrealistic plan that only makes sense in your heads. This will make him feel that his dreams matter to you.


23. Give a back massage

Who doesn’t love a back rub? Seriously, do I even need to explain this one? Give him a back rub when he doesn’t expect it and when he hasn’t asked for one.


24. Let him sleep in

If you have kids or if your husband is used to getting up early every day, then let him sleep in on a Saturday. To parents with young kids, sleep is like a little piece of heaven. 


25. Hold his hand

Show him some affection when you’re out in public. Remember when you’ve just met and couldn’t keep your hands off each other for a minute? Well, holding hands is almost like that.


26. Text him

Show him that you’re thinking about him in the middle of the day by sending him a quick text that sais something sweet. Or if you’re in that mood, send him something dirty that you want to do to him when he gets home. That will be appreciated as well.


27. Tell him you love him

Don’t say it when you’re in a rush and yelling it with one foot already out of the door. Look into his eyes, hold his hand, and then say it. Then he’ll know that you really, truly mean it.


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Let’s chat down below! How Do you show your significant other that you love him?


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  1. John Mulindi

    I think now, I have learned how my future wife should treat me!

    • AwesomeAlice

      As long as you treat her good too, then I agree 😀 Lol

  2. Joleene Moody

    I make his lunch in the morning. The poor guy never finds time for it. (He’s a bit scattered.) Instead of nagging and reminding, I’ve decided just to make it for him. He is always so grateful. xoxo

    • AwesomeAlice

      That’s so nice of you 🙂 I bet he appreciates it a lot!

  3. Lauren

    Wow, some really great ideas here! We have to keep the love aye girl!! 🙂 xo

    • AwesomeAlice

      Agree 🙂

  4. Brigette Collins

    These are GREAT! My husband doesn’t like making big deals about birthdays lol. But I still try to make it special.

  5. Sheila

    This is such a great list, and it has given me some new ideas and a spark of creativity. Thanks for helping all of us out with this!


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