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Healthy Screen Time: 5 Reasons Screen Time Is Good For Kids

Healthy Screen Time: 5 Reasons Screen Time Is Good For Kids

What’s inside: 5 Reasons Screen Time Is Good For Kids and One App That We Just Love!

”You Have To Limit Your Child’s Screen Time!”

We’ve all heard it so many times. ”Don’t let your child sit in front of the TV too long”, ”You have to limit your child’s screen time!” and ”Screen time is just bad for your kids, it makes them anti-social!”.

But to your child, the iPad is the coolest toy ever. It’s shiny, colorful, lights up, moves, and make sounds, plus, it can entertain our kids for hours. It’s almost difficult to imagine how we managed before the iPad was introduced in 2010.

Now a day, it’s almost uncommon to see a child on the subway or at a restaurant without a tablet in their hands. A study has shown that the average amount of time children spend using mobile devices has tripled, from five minutes a day to 15 minutes a day (among all 0- to 8-year-olds).

This, of course, raises the question if screen-time is a good thing for our kids.


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5 Reasons Screen Time Is Good For Kids 

Parents are often flooded with information that advises them against allowing their children to use devices more than a certain amount of time. The information implies that it makes their kids anti-social and affects their ability to learn.

Yet studies have found that it depends on the type of content, not the device usage itself that matters.


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1. It Can Be Social

Letting your child watch Daniel Tiger or Dora the Explorer on an iPad can be a great babysitter for HOURS. But I think that we can all agree on that this is not the right way to teach our kids about screen time.

But rather than letting your kids watch the shows alone, you can watch it together! While you’re watching you can talk about what you see, the characters behavior and what they think about it.

And the conversation doesn’t stop when the show ends. When you’ve watched something together, you can implement it in your everyday life by doing the same things that the characters did or just by saying things like ”Remember when Daniel Tiger and his mom… Now we’re doing it too!”.


Did you know that allowing your child to use the iPad can actually be social? Klicka för att Tweeta


2. It Brings The Family Closer 

Wait what? This can’t be true.

According to a study by the Journal of Adolescent Research, video game players showed higher levels of family closeness, activity involvement, attachment to school and positive mental health.

By playing video games with your child, you show an interest in what matters to your kids and are sending the message that you approve and support what matters to your child. So instead of telling your child to ”Turn of that device!” you really should be saying ”Hey, can I join in ?”.

3. It’s ‘Life-Saving’ On Trips

I think that all of us have experienced a screaming toddler or a bored preschooler at the doctor’s office or on long car rides. You know, all of those situations when you’re feeling so stressed out cause your child is screaming as loud as he possibly can, in a public place, that the sweat is pouring down your back.

Have you ever thought about how much easier it would have been if you just had bought a device for your child to watch? All the waiting around would have been much easier for your child to handle and you wouldn’t need to sing Itsy bitsy spider as much.

You might think that you’re doing just fine without bringing along the iPad all the time. But how much safer would it be for you, your family and your fellow road users if instead of trying to entertain your kids in the car, you could actually focus on your driving a 100%?


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4. It Can Be Creative

A lot of electronic games provide tools that allow the players to create new content. According to a paper published in the Review of General Psychology a lot of games teach valuable life skills like financial skills, patience, perseverance, teamwork, creativity, history, math, and English. And we all want our kids to learn these skills, right!?

Even young children with limited fine motor skills can express their creativity (and gain self-esteem) through music, painting, and drawing, in a well-designed game or virtual play space.


Playing games on Kidloland


5. It Can Be Educational

Electronic devices are not the enemy against learning. You can use the devices your children already love, in so many ways, to help your children learn new things. Language, numbers, letters, shapes, colors, there’s a show and app for just about everything.

A lot of early childhood centers use devices as a teaching tool. Some might think that mobile technology is too complex to be a learning tool in preschool classrooms. But the teachers at the Harmony Early Childhood Center have proved that the technology can have a big impact.


Early childhood centers proves that screen time can benefit students of all ages. Klicka för att Tweeta


The Number One App For Kids

KidloLand has over 1000 nursery rhymes, songs, stories, activities, and games for kids and has been recommended by over 400 mom bloggers. We downloaded the app a few weeks ago and my kids have used it a bunch of times since.

But why would small children need an app like this?

Because it has everything I want them to learn (letters, English, numbers, songs and more) without any ads or opportunities for them to click through to something that they really shouldn’t be able to see. This means that the app isn’t free, but it’s definitely worth its price when you get 1000 activities for your child without any ads.

My daughter is 11 months old and she was immediately drawn to the shapes and colors that come with the nursery rhymes. Every time a new song comes on, she gets so excited and brightens up.

The nursery rhymes weren’t my son’s favorite feature (all though he loves dancing and singing along to them). He preferred the games and activities. Especially the ones that took place in space.


Watching nursery rhymes through Kidloland


I was hesitant to this app at first since my kid(s) speak Swedish and my pre-schooler only knows a few words of English. But by using the different features of this app, he’s learned a bunch of new words in just a couple of weeks. He repeats after the voices in the games and turns to me to ask what the words mean.

This app has quickly become one of the favorites not just to my kids, but to me as well.


Download the app for IOS, Android, or on Amazon App Store.

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Let’s chat down below! What are your thoughts on kids screen time?


  1. Toni

    This is great! I like the family time and watching together. And yes. It is a life save on road trips! Thanks for sharing!

    • AwesomeAlice

      Thank you for stopping by 😀

  2. Becca

    Love this! We definitely allow our young children (3 and 5) some screen time, but with moderation and supervision. We have a few wonderful educational apps that have engaged their little minds and fostered a genuine love for learning at a young age. Not all screen time is bad!

    • AwesomeAlice

      I agree with you! 🙂 The most important thing to me is to make sure I know what my son uses the iPad for and that he’s not watching anything violent or weird.

  3. joslynn wassing

    I love that there are so many educational games for kids to be playing!
    I will definitely be checking the app out! Sounds like so muh fun

    • AwesomeAlice

      Educational games are definitely the best 🙂 If you have any tips for great apps, please share 😀

  4. Meg

    Thank you for this! It’s refreshing to read something good about screen time. I hate feeling ashamed every time I hand the iPad over to my 3 year old!

    • AwesomeAlice

      Yes, I agree, most people focus on the negative aspects. There’s no use in feeling ashamed for doing what works well in your family 🙂


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