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My Birth Story – Memories Of A Day Full Of Love

My Birth Story – Memories Of A Day Full Of Love
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Pouring Like A Waterfall

It was 4 am on a hot Wednesday morning in late August. Something had woken me. So I got up to pee since I always had to pee anyway. My underwear was a bit wet but I just thought that I had peed my pants a little bit. After all, that’s not all that uncommon when you’re 39 weeks pregnant.

I sat on the toilet, waiting for the pee to stop pouring. But it didn’t. And I understood immediately. My water had broke.


The 5 AM Phone Call

I called the hospital right away and they gave me an appointment for 5 pm. Unless nothing had happened before then, of course.

During my pregnancy, I had talked to a doctor about my fear of pain. The birth of my first child was horrifying to me and the pain was excruciating. The doctor had told me to go to the hospital as early as possible this time to get an epidural.

I woke up my husband and told him that my water had broken. I was calm. After all, this was my second childbirth that started off by my water breaking. I told my husband that he could go to work if he wanted to, but that it was up to him to decide.

I went back to bed to try and catch a few more hours of sleep. It wasn’t easy to go back to sleep. I was so excited and my head was spinning.

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Contractions And Eating Pizza

My contractions started an hour later. But they didn’t hurt. And they were irregular.

We slept until our son Anton woke up and then we got up and eat breakfast. After that, I called his preschool teacher and told her that he would stay home that day. We had started to introduce him at a new preschool two days earlier. And for a few seconds, I was actually considering to continue with it that day too.
As the contractions kept on coming, I realized that my decision about staying home was the right one.

My husband made homemade pizza for lunch (which is one of my favorite things to eat). In retrospect, I probably should have eaten pasta or something else with more carbs to prepare my body for the marathon I was about to run.

It felt very inappropriate to have Anton at home while I was trying to breathe through the contractions.  I didn’t want him to see me in pain, so I asked my husband to entertain him in the living room while I was in the bedroom. Anton is a very easygoing child. But I was afraid that he would blame the baby for my pain.



Honey, I Think It’s Time To Go..

Around lunchtime, my contractions became more regular. They didn’t hurt all that much and I felt that I could deal with them on my own. My husband became angry with me because I didn’t want to leave to go to the hospital. I gave in eventually and we called Anton’s grandmother to come and pick him up.

While we waited for her, we made ourselves ready to go to the hospital. I made a smoothie which I drank during the 45-minute long car ride to the hospital. One of the reasons that my husband wanted to go to the hospital as early as possible is because the hospital is so far away. And I think that he was scared that he would have to deliver the baby in the car along the road.

At 1.30 pm we arrived at the hospital. My husband dropped me off outside of the emergency room (with was also the closest way to the maternity ward) while he went to park the car. I sat on a bench outside, enjoying the sun and breathing through the pain.

At that moment I did not know that I sat and waited in vain. My husband had chosen to go through the hospital to the maternity ward and not through the emergency room like I thought. It might not have been the best idea to keep my phone on mute. If I hadn’t, I probably wouldn’t have missed all his five phone calls when he was wondering where I was.


awesome alice pregnant

36 weeks pregnant

We’ve Arrived!

I was assigned a room at the maternity ward and I got to lie in a bed. The doctor strapped a belt-like monitor around my belly while a machine monitored my contractions and the baby’s heart rate using CTG. While I was lying there, all alone, I noticed that I didn’t have any bars on my phone. My husband was still missing and now I couldn’t even call him to tell him which room I was in. Luckily, he found the way on his own.

At the first examination, I was only open 3 cm. The contractions were still not that painful.  I kept on wondering when the excruciating pain that I had felt during Anton’s birth, would come.

When I gave birth to Anton, I was so incredibly tired. So when I was visualizing this birth I had decided to rest as much as possible. And how I slept! Between every single contraction at the hospital, I slept. I had also slept for a while during the car ride. And I’d also slept at home when I waited for the pizza. I really didn’t want to make the mistake of being exhausted during labor, twice.

At 7 pm, I still thought that the contractions were manageable. The doctor during pregnancy had written in my journal that I wanted an epidural early on, the doctor at the hospital told me that it was time to inject it.

The More Drugs, The Better

Needles are not my favorite thing in the world. But when the epidural is working, it’s wonderful. All the pain disappears completely. During an hour after injecting the EDA, you’re on bedrest. And an hour after I got my first dose, the anesthesiologist decided that I was in need for another dose. So I had to lie in bed for two hours.

Once I was allowed to get up and out of bed, my right leg didn’t work. It was completely numb and remained numb until four hours after I’d given birth. That’s the risk of having an epidural. Although it takes away all the pain from contractions, there is often some kind of side effect.

So instead of being able to walk around, using gravity to help the baby down the pelvic floor, I had to sit on the edge of the bed, hoping that it would give the same effect.

At 9.30pm I was finally open ten centimeters. By then, they’d tapped me for urine twice and I continued to sleep as much as I could. The doctor gave me Pudendal Block. PDB is an injection that can block pain between the vagina and anus. It numbs the pelvis and provides effective pain relief in the second stage of labor.

Around 11.30 pm the doctor told me it was time to push. And even though I’d been sleeping most of the day, I was dead tired. I kept on sleeping between every contraction. And I lied about it. I lied so hard. I lied to my husband. And I lied to the doctor. I’d noticed that the best way for me to deal with the pain was to keep my eyes closed. And despite my attempts, I couldn’t for the life of me stay awake.

A nurse gave me Dextrosol and rosehip soup to increase my energy. And I tried my best to stay awake.

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Push Baby, Push!

While I was pushing, I inhaled the laughing gas. Laughing gas doesn’t remove any pain for me. But it’s really helpful to have something to focus on instead of the pain.

The Pudendal Block removed all of the feelings from my vagina. And with the doctor’s guidance, I pushed.

I kept on pushing and the anger inside of me grew. I was mad at my husband for telling me that if I pushed hard, we wouldn’t get a child in September. During the pregnancy, we had talked about how we wanted a summer child and we were hoping for august (my due date was September 5th)

Another push and I were even madder at the doctor for telling me how close to the finish line we were. She was lying to my face. It took me an hour to push with Anton, so how could she say this after only 20 minutes?

I pushed again and took my hand and felt between my legs. I had to believe the doctor. There it was. A tiny little head.



The Child Of Summer

But four minutes before September, she came. Our little Alice Isabella. Five days early. 19.29 inches long and 8.4 pounds of love.

They put her on my chest and she was completely white of vernix. But she was amazing.

She didn’t cry immediately and I asked the doctor why. She said that I should give her a minute. And when she finally scream, I cried out of happiness. And relief. Relief that this labor wasn’t at all as traumatic as my first one. Relief that the pain was manageable. And relief that my daughter was finally here.


Let’s chat down below! I’d love to hear about your experiences. Did you have a C-Section or a Vaginal Birth?


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