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Happy Birthday Anton! Four Year Old

Happy Birthday Anton! Four Year Old
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Happy B-Day Anton!

I can’t believe it! I’ve officially been a mom for four years now. It’s been quite the journey, let me tell ya. A lot of ups and downs. But mostly ups. Or perhaps I’ve repressed most of the bad stuff.

Anton was born 35 days to early. And I was not prepared when he came. After the delivery, I was in shock and found it very difficult to develop a bond with him.

But now, I can’t even imagine life without him. And what kind of life would that even be? A quite boring one, I imagine. But, how I ramble..

Let’s move on to how this last year has been.


In The Year Of 2016

Anton is such a loving and carrying person. He makes sure that everyone is treated fair and get’s to be part of the group.

He is also curious (like I suppose, all kids are) and asks ”Why?” a thousand times a day. Once, I got so sick of all his ”Why?” questions that I asked him why he asks ”Why?” so much. And his answer was: ”Because my questions are the best!”.

His biggest love in this world is his little sister. Anton was 3,5 year old when Alice was born and because of his age, he’s had a great understanding of the pregnancy and what it means to have a baby.

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He’s always made sure that we don’t forget her somewhere and that everyone remembers to kiss her goodbye when he gets a kiss goodbye. He has never been jealous of her but he can find her annoying sometimes when she flaps her arms and hits him.

He thinks that superheroes are awesome. Especially Spiderman. But Batman is cool too. If a shirt doesn’t have a superhero or a superhero logo on it, then he just isn’t wearing it.

Red and orange are his favorite colors. And Lego is his favorite toys. He loves to eat cinnamon buns and going to the beach to play in the sea. His favorite song is Pirate grandpa Fabian (Sjörövar Fabbe) and I am so sick of singing it. But of course, I do it for him.

During this year, he has also found a best friend at preschool. His name is Nisse. And Anton talks a lot about Nisse. Like seriously, a lot! One of my greatest fears is that he will feel alone and won’t get any friends. So it really warms my heart to listen to him talking about his best friend.


Milestones This Year

Anton can count to 12. But after that, number 6 magically appears again. He has started to recognize some numbers. At least number 2, because that’s his favorite number. Everything has to be two. Like two crackers for example. When he asks ”Can I get one more?, he’s really asking ”Can I get two more? Because I need one in each hand.”

He’s starting to get interested in letters too, but the only letter he knows at the moment is A. But to be completely honest, he doesn’t know that it is a letter. He thinks that A means Anton.

By the age of four, he is ”completely” potty trained. I use quotes because though he does go to the toilet when he needs too, he still uses diapers at night. But that is because we as parents, don’t feel ready to start changing sheets at night if needed yet. But we will. Soon.

And also, when I’ve asked Anton if he wants to go to sleep without a diaper, his answer has been ”No, it’s so cozy with diapers.” I don’t know what’s so cozy about them, but if he thinks so, who am I to argue.

When I was pregnant, Anton decided that his stuffed Tiger was our baby. So we had to take good care of this baby. He got to wear diapers, sleep in the stroller and go with us everywhere we went. And this continued for a few months after the baby was born too. I guess that this was his way of adapting to life with a sibling.

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Amazing spiderman Anton


Everything hasn’t been great this year, though. Anton has been constipated and it has been quite tough for everyone. He has suffered from stomach ache and pain in the bottom. And some days he’s had so much pain that he just want to sit on the sofa and not do anything. And when he finally did number two, he just screamed out of pain.

We’ve tried to change the diet and a couple different medicines. And they’ve worked for some time. But it always ends with him not wanting to take the medicine. I’ve tried to mix the medicine in water, milk, yogurt, and even ice-cream. And it’s the same there. It works for a while until it doesn’t.

So one day I just decided that I didn’t have the energy to care anymore (probably not the greatest day in my parenting history). But I was so sick of forcing him to go to the bathroom and bribing with different things.

And you know what happened? It got better. I’m not saying that his problems magically disappeared over night. But when we stopped nagging him, he started to go to the bathroom when he felt the need.

Now he goes to the bathroom to poop every 3-4 days. I know that it isn’t a lot. But at least he doesn’t scream out of pain anymore and there’s not any negativity around bathroom times anymore.


The Love Of Our Lives

Anton really is the love of our lives. And he has thought us so much about life that we didn’t know before him. He has taught us to be patient, to be selfless, to be responsible, to be strong, and most important, he has taught us how to love unconditionally.



Let’s chat down below! I’d love to hear more about your kids and their personalities!





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  1. Ana De- Jesus

    It warms my heart to see how much you guys love Anton and how amazing that you have now been a mom for 4 years! Sorry to hear about the constipation though x


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