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Life With A Baby – Alice One Month Old

Life With A Baby – Alice One Month Old
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Our Newest Family Member

My baby has turned one month. Happy one month Alice!

It’s been a whole month since she decided to grant us with her present (read her birth story here). This month has flew by but somehow, it feels so natural that she’s here. Like she’s always been part of our family.

Fredrik stayed home from work for the first two weeks. This is one of the great benefits of giving birth in Sweden. The father get’s 10 days of from work when the baby is born and recieves money from the government for the loss of income.

I’ve been home alone with the kids for two weeks now. When I was pregnant I thought that I would want to lay in bed all day sleeping after giving birth. But that’s not the case. I do think that that’s not the case since I have my three year old to take care of too.


Sleep, Oh, Precious Sleep

Thanks to Anton, we have a routine every day. Alice sleeps well at night and wakes up every three hours to eat. And when she’s done eating, she falls asleep again. She can’t go to sleep while lying on her back though. But when we turn her over to the side, she goes to sleep almost imedially.

She sleeps next to me at night. I breastfeed while lying down which is great. By not having to get up at night, I have no problem with going back to sleep after i’ve breastfed.

On my other side, sleeps Anton. And next to him lies my spouse. It’s a bit crowded, but I love it. There’s no better thing than crawling into bed at night, trying to fit between my lovely kids.


Eat, Sleep, Play, Repeat

She loves the carrier. She can’t seem to stay awake after I’ve put her in the carrier. And that makes her the best shopping companion ever.

Anton have preschool at monday, tuesday and thursday. And those days we get up at 7.30 am. But every other days, Alice can easily sleep until 10 am.

The days consists of eating, lying on her stomach, cuddling and bouncing in the baby  bouncer.  She loves the bouncer and it looks like she’s doing jumping jacks.

At night time, though, she hates the bouncer. Like really hates it. The only thing that will do at night is to be in someones arms.

And when the clock strikes 10 pm, moma thinks it’s time to go to sleep, since Alice is already sleeping. But then she wakes up and wants to be rocked for an hour. That part is not really that awsome..

She almost never screams. Instead she’ll  root around to show that’s something is wrong. She loves the breast but won’t take the pacifier. The hand tastes delicious too.


The Acceptance

Her older brother accepted her into our family long before she was even born. And he’s always found it very important that we have to be fair with her too. If someone get’s a goodbye hug or a kiss godnight, well, then the baby has to get one too!

He has also taken on the role of watching over her. He makes sure that we don’t forget her in the care or somewhere else. I hope and belive that we’ll get to see a whole lot of sibling love in the years to come.

Life with a baby is increadible. I find it unbeliveable easy to have a baby the second time around. We already know what we’re doing and we’re not as uncertain as we were as first-time parents. But we’ve been blessed too. Alice is a fairly simple child and she seems to have learned that she’s just got to string along.


Alice 1 month old


Let’s chat down below! I’d love to hear about your experiences. How is life with your baby?




  1. Caitlin @RogersPartyof5

    Alice is a beautiful, darling baby!! I loved watching my son bond with the new babies when we brought them home. It only gets better to watch as they grow up 🙂 Congratulations!

  2. Our Irish Family

    She is beautiful, congratulations. So happy your son accepted her without any hassle, it makes for a happier time 🙂

  3. Sarah Frank

    Oh my goodness, she is gorgeous! I seriously can’t wait for the ”acceptance” phase of having baby #2… I’m not even pregnant or planning our second child yet but I dream of watching my firstborn be a big sister. You make it so real and perfect. Congratulations, Mama!

  4. Natalie

    I love that you are documenting all this ! I wish I had done that with my son I was so sleep-deprived I don’t remember a whole lot that first month or so 🙁 I also love the name Alice! It’s my grandmothers name and she is one of my most favorite people on this Earth ❤️ Congrats mamma !

  5. Brittany |Memoirs Of A Good Thing

    Congrats on your new baby! Oh man even though I’ve been through this 4 times it never gets old. Even though it’s tough I can’t get enough of their precious baby smell and all the cuddles! I am expecting #5 in September so I’ll be doing it all over again! 😊


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