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11 Ways To Work Out When You Really Don’t Feel Like It

11 Ways To Work Out When You Really Don’t Feel Like It
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11 ways to work out when you don't want to. Free checklist

  Fun ways to work out when you really don't feel like it
  Top 11 ways to work out when you don't want to
 11 ways to exercise when you really don't feel like it

Just A Walk In The Park..

I love working out. I do some weight training every morning before my kids wake up. I go for a quick run during my lunch break. And I finish the day with some yoga after I’ve put my kids to sleep.
Can you sense the irony?

Yeah, I used to love working out. But that was years ago. Before the kiddos.  Now a day, I consider a day at the park to be a type of workout.

I wish that I would have the energy to work out. And yes, I know that you get more energy from working outBut I just can’t get myself to do it anymore.

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Killer Body

I would love to be that fit mom who works out, eat protein bars, and have a killer body. But that’s not me.

I like to sit on the couch. Crocheting and watching tv. And eating ice-cream and drinking a glass of wine after the kids fall asleep.

But I can’t help but think, “How hard can it be?”. How hard can it be to be a fit mom? How hard can it be to work out? And how friggin hard can it be to have a killer bod?

Can’t I really have a glass of wine, and some ice cream on the side, AND a hot body?

Can’t I show my kids the weight of exercising without going to the gym for hours every night?

Well, I’m gonna try! I’m on a mission to be a fit, killer-body, ice cream eating (chocolate eating. We can’t forget about the chocolate yall!), wine drinking, and awesome looking mother of two.

Are you with me?Don't feel like exercising? Check out this list of workouts that doesn't feel like workouts! Klicka för att Tweeta


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Work Out When You Don’t Feel Like It


1. Hike or take a walk with a friend

Is there a better way of working out than combining exercise and girl talk? Call up a friend and schedule time for a hike. Or if you find it hard to get away, just open up the door and go for a walk together. If you have kids, let them ride their bikes along with you.


2. Have a dance party

This one is my absolute favorite. I’m having a bit of a trouble with getting to choose the music in my house. When my husband is home, it’s only guitar riffs playing. And when I try to put on some music when my kids are home, they yell out that they want to hear Pippi Longstocking or some other kids song.


It doesn’t really matter what kind of music you’re listening to. Just block all your problems out and dance it away.


3. Clean

I love stating that cleaning is a form of exercise. It’s something that has to be done regularly, it’s physical and you can get your heart rate up. Doesn’t that sound like exercise to you? Take out your broom, vacuum cleaner, and mop or why not all three and you’ll see what I mean.


4. Go to the playground and actually play

How often do you take your kids to the playground? And how often do you go to the playground just to sit on a bench and watch your kids play? The next time you’re going to the playground, play with them. Run around, jump up and down, and do everything else that your kids are doing.


5. Play soccer with your kids

I used to play soccer with my siblings and our dad in the backyard all the time when I was young. The rivalry within our family was crazy. Everyone just had to win. Play a game with your kids and you all will get some exercise.

6. Go to the swimming pool

Swimming is a great type of workout. You’ll burn more calories while swimming than jogging. Plus swimming is a whole lot more fun! Take your kids to the swimming pool and splash away. Do some water aerobic, teach them how to swim if they don’t already know how, or play some water polo.


7. Play Wii

Playing video games probably isn’t the first thing you think about when you think about exercise types. But you do burn some calories while playing Wii. Yes, you will burn more if you go out on a run. But playing Wii is way more fun.


8. Jump on a trampoline

If you’re like me, then you won’t be able to do this one. I’ll pee my pants in a second. But if you don’t have that problem, then jump along! You will work up a sweat in no time.


9. Capture the flag

Did you play this game when you were a kid? Or did you play some other games outside? Try to think back and see if you can remember which games you enjoyed. Gather up some neighborhood kids and play. They’re probably gonna think that it’s so cool that you participate.


I love stating that cleaning is a form of exercise. Vacuuming the whole house really gets your… Klicka för att Tweeta


10. Take a bike ride

Take out your dusty old bike and go for a bike ride. Maybe you can even do a quest, like not using your car for the entire week. Try to take the bike for as many of your errands as you can. It will be easier every time.


11. Jumping rope

Didn’t you enjoy jumping rope when you were young? I can’t remember a single girl in my class that didn’t enjoy it. If you have at least to older kids you can take turns jumping the rope and being rope turners. Try to learn some tricks like double dutch. Otherwise, you can of course jump by yourself.


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LET’S CHAT DOWN BELOW! How do you work out with your kids at home?


  1. Rebekah

    When I don’t feel like exercising I get my headphones, favorite pop songs and dance away! Dance parties, swimming and cleaning are definitely my faves. Such a fun read – pinned for others to enjoy too! 🙂

    • AwesomeAlice

      Thanks! Dancing is so much fun. And who cares if you can’t dance? There’s nobody watching you anyway 😀

  2. Whimsy

    I love doing pilates and yoga, but every once in a while I feel like giving up and just relaxing in bed. This post has helped to motivate me greatly!

    • AwesomeAlice

      I know what you mean! My motivation is usually at rock bottom. But doing something is always better than doing nothing!

  3. Skye

    Great reminder that working out doesn’t have to be an ‘extra’ thing I need to cram into my day! Maybe it will be easier to get myself motivated if I think of it as just playing more with my kids. 🙂

    • AwesomeAlice

      I totally think that playing with your kids is the best workout that you can do 🙂


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