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The Best 22 At Home Date Night Ideas – With Sleeping Kids

          Hush! The Kids Are Asleep The kids are tucked into bed and sound asleep. What do you do? Do you spend some quality time with your spouse or do you lie on different ends of the couch, barely speaking? Spending time together as a couple and keeping the fire burning is important. But if you have kids, you might find yourself spending less and less time together. Even if you want to spend time with your husband, it’s not always that easy. You might be working different shifts, be in a rut, your kids...

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27 Ways To Show Your Husband Love

    Are You Too Busy For Love? You’ve found the one you’ll spend the rest of your life with. Mr right. Maybe you’ve just met. Maybe you’ve been dating for a couple of years. Or maybe you’re about to celebrate your 10th anniversary and already have a couple of kids in the back. It doesn’t really matter how long you’ve been together. What matters is your feelings and how you show love to one another. Love can be shown in many different ways. It can be spoken with words by saying “I love you”. But it can also...

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