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Happy Birthday Anton! Four Year Old

  Happy B-Day Anton! I can’t believe it! I’ve officially been a mom for four years now. It’s been quite the journey, let me tell ya. A lot of ups and downs. But mostly ups. Or perhaps I’ve repressed most of the bad stuff. Anton was born 35 days to early. And I was not prepared when he came. After the delivery, I was in shock and found it very difficult to develop a bond with him. But now, I can’t even imagine life without him. And what kind of life would that even be? A quite boring one, I...

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Life With A Baby – Alice One Month Old

 /div> Our Newest Family Member My baby has turned one month. Happy one month Alice! It’s been a whole month since she decided to grant us with her present (read her birth story here). This month has flew by but somehow, it feels so natural that she’s here. Like she’s always been part of our family. Fredrik stayed home from work for the first two weeks. This is one of the great benefits of giving birth in Sweden. The father get’s 10 days of from work when the baby is born and recieves money from the government for the loss...

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