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17 Cute and Easy Photo Ideas For Your Baby’s First Year (Document Your Baby’s Monthly Milestones)

17 Cute and Easy Photo Ideas For Your Baby’s First Year (Document Your Baby’s Monthly Milestones)

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Oh, How Our Memories Fade Quickly…

I’m sure you’ve heard it a million times. Time flies when you have young children. Your precious little baby starts to crawl, then walk and finally running away from you. It all happens in the blink of an eye.

Before you know it, your memory has faded and it’s hard to remember when those precious milestones actually happened and how your little one’s face actually looked.

Since it all happens so fast, it’s fun to document how your baby has grown and changed each month during their first year. With monthly milestones photos, you can look back and see your child’s wonderful development from baby to toddler.

Here are 17 fun and creative photography ideas for documenting your baby’s first year of life. And they’ll definitely make you think, Oh, how it went by too fast.

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This is the only swaddle blanket you’ll need. It’s also a great alternative to photographing your baby with monthly stickers. With a white and consistent background, you can easily show the personality of you and your baby with different props to mark their age. The blanket is perfect for parents who love to document their kids, from day 1 and throughout the years to come.

Milestone Blanket from BATZkids


Monthly photo with toys kate luber


Take photos of your baby with something of sentimental value. It can be the baby’s first teddy bear, doll or another toy. Or why not your own teddy bear that you had when you were a baby? This is an adorable way to look back and see how much your baby has grown during that wonderful (but all so crazy) year.

Photo by: Kate Luber


My first milestone blanket


This is another cute milestone blanket idea. But instead of documenting your baby’s age, you’ll be able to document the day your baby had her firsts. The blanket is marked with 15 first milestones for your baby to experience; the first time your baby smiled, tried food, stood up, rolled over, slept through the night (still waiting on that one..), and more.

Anniversary Blanket from BATZkids



monthly props AWESOME ALICE


Using props that relate to the date that your baby turns one month, two months etc. is another pretty idea. It might be the cutest idea so far (and I’m so not saying this because it’s my baby in the photos. But have you ever laid eyes on a more adorable baby in your life?). You could use small pumpkins to form the number of your baby’s age in October, only green things in March (for St Patricks Day), and USA flags in July.

Photo by: Awesome Alice 




monthly all about baby chalkboard


Using a chalkboard for your baby’s milestones photos has become very trendy. With a chalkboard, you can rewrite, and customize your baby’s monthly highlights as many times as you want or need too. You can fill in your baby’s name, stats, likes, and dislikes, and when you’re done with the monthly photos, you can use it as decor in your child’s room.

Chalkboard from Pearhead





When you have a cute baby (and I know that every mother has) you don’t actually need all that props and decor that distracts the viewer’s eye. You just need your pretty baby. But you can always add a little twist to your monthly photos and just simply lift your baby up in the air and snap that pic. Just a warning, the last couple of photos will feel heavy.

Photo by: Little Meg




Monthly Baby Photos Balloons


Who doesn’t love balloons? Capture your baby’s development every month and add some fun and colorful balloons to the picture. Add as many balloons as your baby’s age and try to shoot the photo before your little one gets too distracted and only wants to play with the fun decor.

Photo by: A Crafted Passion




Milestone wordbanner


Wordbanners have become really popular lately and it’s not hard to understand why. These banners are easy to customize and the words can be rewritten over and over again. When you’re done using it for your monthly photos you can hang it up in your child’s room, spell out quotes, use it at birthday parties or why not for your next baby announcement.

Photo by: Everyday Marta

Wordbanner from Sunbeauty



milestone baby to belly


Belly photos are one of the most adorable ways that you can memorize your pregnancy. But why should you stop as soon as your baby is born? Just add your baby where your belly used to be (well actually, where your baby used to be!) and keep snapping photos for at least the next whole year.

Photo by: Simply Rosie





Milestone lightbox


This photo is really simple but stylish, and this one sign that she’s using has unlimited options. It’s super easy to slide the letters into the rails to create personalized messages for any occasion. You could use the sign for your pregnancy photos, monthly or weekly baby photos, to write your baby’s milestones on, or just to display fun messages. It’s completely up to you!

Photo by: Jlcouture

Lightbox from My Cinema Lightbox



Milestone annonuncment photo


Your baby changes so much every month during the first year. She gains more weight and grows taller and taller for every day that goes by. By using a yardstick, a dumbbell, and a calendar, you can easily display your baby’s development every month. Use a clock for the first birth announcement photo and then change the props every month to your baby’s favorite toy that month.

Photo by: Tiffany Burke 





Monthly photo serie


A rocking horse is a fun toy for your child and a pretty decoration for the nursery. But it’s also an adorable prop for your baby’s monthly photos. For every month your baby gets a little bit closer to riding that horse. At first, she’ll just crawl closer to it, then she touches it, and before you know it, she’s pulling herself up against it and soon (with a little bit of help from mama) she’ll be able to ride it.

Photo by: 100 Layer Cakelet




Milestone numbers


Do you have a favorite blanket? Perhaps one that you’ve knitted yourself, or one that your grandma made for you when you were little. Put your baby on it! Photographing your baby with that cozy blanket will be a great way for you to always remember it, even when it’s long gone. And of course, your baby will look absolutely adorable with it.

Photo by: Megan Kunkel




Monthly photo sticker


It doesn’t have to be all that difficult to take monthly baby photos. Choosing the next month’s props and displaying it can be both time-consuming and exhausting. There’s nothing wrong with keeping it simple. There a wide variety of adorable onesie stickers for sale that looks great on a white onesie and is specially made for taking monthly photos of your baby.

Photo by: Oakland Avenue Blog

Growth Stickers from Baby Steps Books



Monthly photo old man


Babies dressed up as old men and ladies are so adorable. Another fun idea is to dress up your baby as your favorite superhero(s), Disney character, or why not go totally crazy; celebrity.  You can also really easily add text with milestones and memorable moments from that month on your photo with free photo editing programs (I recommend PicMonkey).

Photo by: The Sentimental Mama





This mom has cracked the props code. When your baby reaches a certain age, she’ll start to grab the props and turn it into a toy. It can be really frustrating to try to stop your baby from eating the props, sitting still, look into the camera, smile and photograph, all at the same time! And that’s my friends, is why you simply hang the props where your baby can’t reach it.

Photo by: Amy Robinson

Milestone Banner from Living Life Crafty




milestone babypics app


If you don’t feel like setting up props every month, then you can most definitely just snap a photo of your baby and add some fun illustrations and text with the Baby Pics App. If you’re no stranger to using apps, then you’ll have no problem with editing your photos and adding overlays with an app. Share the photos with your friends and family on social media and order prints right from the app.

Photo by: Baby Pics App 


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    • AwesomeAlice

      I agree 🙂

  1. Devon

    I used chalkboards for monthly photos and made backgrounds that made my baby look like he was doing funny things like downhill skiing or jumping into a swimming pool.

    • AwesomeAlice

      Oh, that sounds like so much fun! Do you have a link so I can see them somewhere? 🙂

  2. Prachi

    Ohh really creative ideas! loved the hands up, pic with a toy, blanket and milestone sticker ones especially!

    • AwesomeAlice

      I’m with you! 🙂

  3. Alex

    These are such cute ideas! My daughter is only 3 months so this is perfect to start trying out some of these!

    • AwesomeAlice

      Absolutely! Hope you come up with a fun idea 🙂

  4. Barbara alfeo

    I like the ideas where you can still use the props for other things like the chalkboard or using their fave objects- so smart! And i feel like a weirdo, but i hate balloons! They are terrible for the environment! I know i am the only one…

    • AwesomeAlice

      That’s actually a great input! I haven’t really thought about that they’re bad for the environment. I guess I need to find new decorations for the next birthday party 🙂


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