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How To Leave The House Prepared For Accidents – Every Time!

    Be Prepared For Accidents I’m at the pediatrician’s office to weigh and measure my newborn and I’m about to put my naked baby on the scale, when she suddenly pees all over my shirt (Yes, this actually happened!). I don’t have another clean shirt with me but I’m glad that I at least have brought a hoodie along. I remove my wet shirt and put on the hoodie, trying to act like my left shoe isn’t dripping of pee. A few days later, I’m at my mom’s house for Sunday night dinner. I’m enjoying the roast that she’d...

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Free Crochet Pattern – Amigurumi Apple

    Five Apples A Day Keeps The Doctor Away A few weeks ago I was contacted by a woman on Instagram. She asked if I could crochet some fruit for her daughter. I’ve been crocheting for a couple of years now. And I’ve crochet eatable things before, but most often in the form of cookies or cakes. But hey, it’s always fun to crochet something new, so of course I said yes! And now, it’s time for me to share this pattern with you. Check out the other patterns here: Pear, Banana, and Orange (Comming soon). The pattern...

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How To Stop Yelling At Your Kids (10 Things You Should Never Say To Your Kids)

    The Everyday Life It’s almost dinner time. You’re peeling and chopping while the stew is boiling on the stove. Two of your kids are screaming and fighting. And another kid is in the corner crying that his Lego building has collapsed. You’ve had a long hard day at the office and all you want right now is 5 minutes to yourself. How do you react? Do you yell “Stop crying!”. Or maybe “I don’t care who started it!”. Do you ignore your kids, waiting for them to sort it out on their own? Or, do you try...

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Here's a list of 101 activities for when it's raining, adventures, outdoors, road trip and in the kitchen. Put these 101 activities on your summer bucket list and it will prevent your kids from being bored, and let them create memories that will last all the way to the first day of school when they’re asked: “What did you do this summer?”

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