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How To Prepare Your Child For A New Sibling: 9 Hands-On Tips

When Is The Baby Coming? ”Is my baby coming soon?” “When will my baby come, mama?” I can’t even tell you how many times I heard these questions from my toddler when I was pregnant with his little sister. We told our son that we were pregnant after the ultrasound in week 12. So he had 6 months of preparing mentally for the baby’s arrival. He was so excited and talked all the time of how he was going to take care of his baby. Sometimes he used the phrase “our baby”, but most often it was his baby....

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Free Printable Owl Activity Book For Kids

Learning As A Kid As moms, we have such huge responsibility against our kids to teach them everything they need to know before they grow up. We need to teach them to show respect to others, to tell right from wrong and a whole lot more. And this is only before they start school. Teaching our kids to be decent persons is definitely the most important tasks that we have. But we also have a responsibility to them to teach them and lay a foundation for the things they will learn in school. Learning new things when you’re a...

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My Birth Story – Memories Of A Day Full Of Love

  Pouring Like A Waterfall It was 4 am on a hot Wednesday morning in late August. Something had woken me. So I got up to pee since I always had to pee anyway. My underwear was a bit wet but I just thought that I had peed my pants a little bit. After all, that’s not all that uncommon when you’re 39 weeks pregnant. I sat on the toilet, waiting for the pee to stop pouring. But it didn’t. And I understood immediately. My water had broke.   The 5 AM Phone Call I called the hospital right...

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Are You Truly Happy In Your Marriage Or Is It Time To Get A Divorce?

  Are you Heading Towards A Divorce? Do you have doubts in your relationship? Is your husband the one you see yourself growing old with? Do you ever question whether you should stay together or not? Did you know that 4 out of 10 marriages end in divorce? And that 34 percent of married couples divorce before their 20th wedding anniversary? These numbers are scary high. and I don’t think that anyone goes into a marriage thinking that the most likely outcome will be a divorce. Getting in a rut is easy. I know it too well. Taking care of...

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5 Things About Wine That Every Woman Should Know

        You Had Me At Merlot Getting friends when you’re young is easy. All you had to do was talk to another kid at the park and suddenly you’ve got yourself a new friend. But how do you get a friend when you’re an adult? The answer is: wine (obviously)! You’ve had a long and overwhelming day. You’ve cooked dinner, finished the dishes and put your kids to sleep. Now you’re tired and want to relax with a hot bath and your new magazine. But how can you make your alone time even better? The answer...

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Here's a list of 101 activities for when it's raining, adventures, outdoors, road trip and in the kitchen. Put these 101 activities on your summer bucket list and it will prevent your kids from being bored, and let them create memories that will last all the way to the first day of school when they’re asked: “What did you do this summer?”

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