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17 Cute and Easy Photo Ideas For Your Baby’s First Year (Document Your Baby’s Monthly Milestones)

Oh, How Our Memories Fade Quickly… I’m sure you’ve heard it a million times. Time flies when you have young children. Your precious little baby starts to crawl, then walk and finally running away from you. It all happens in the blink of an eye. Before you know it, your memory has faded and it’s hard to remember when those precious milestones actually happened and how your little one’s face actually looked. Since it all happens so fast, it’s fun to document how your baby has grown and changed each month during their first year. With monthly milestones photos, you can...

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Baby Carrier Guide: The Best Baby Carrier For You & The Benefits Of Babywearing

The Wonder Of Babywearing Are you planning on wearing your baby? It might sound strange at first and no matter how cozy that swing or bouncy seat (that you spent a lot of money on..) is, what babies love the most is to be in your arms. But carrying your little love around in your arms all day isn’t very convenient unless you have arms of steel (and a maid, a chef, and a nanny to take care of your other kids). This is where babywearing comes in handy! Babywearing is the practice of carrying your baby or toddler...

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15 Tips To Prepare Yourself For Labor: Prepare Your Mind, Soul And Body

What’s inside: 15 tips to help you prepare for labor and make the delivery a little bit easier. Ain’t No Hood Like Motherhood There’s nothing that brings you more joy than motherhood. And nothing can ever beat the feeling of holding your newborn baby in your arms for the first time. This is the moment you’ve been waiting for these past 9 months. Maybe even longer. Pregnancy is an exciting phase of your life when you get to prepare for your baby, shop for tiny little baby clothes, decorate a nursery and build a bond to your new family...

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Summer Guide – Great Ideas For An Awesome Summer With Kids

How To Activate Kids During A Long Summer You wait and dream about summer all year long. You fantasize about laying under a hot sun, walking barefoot in the warm sand and maybe even about a refreshing dip in the ocean. In your mental picture, you’re having a wonderful day at the beach with your family. Your kids are building a sand castle while you watch from a distance and when they’re finished, they go on to a new exciting activity. Well, at least that’s the fantasy.  But most often, here’s what really happens: You’re trying to plan a nice family...

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101 Fun Kids Activities To Do This Summer (That Barely Cost Anything)

The Best Summer Ever Summer is finally here! Oh, how you’ve waited and longed for warm summer days. These are the days when you can sleep in, roll in the grass, and happily ignore everything that you normally should be doing. Remember those lazy days in the sun from your childhood? It’s time for you to relive them. But this time, as a parent. And that is so much better. This summer, you’ll get to watch your kids spend their days walking barefoot on hot sand, chasing fireflies in the night, and have hours and hours of uninterrupted fun playtimes....

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Here's a list of 101 activities for when it's raining, adventures, outdoors, road trip and in the kitchen. Put these 101 activities on your summer bucket list and it will prevent your kids from being bored, and let them create memories that will last all the way to the first day of school when they’re asked: “What did you do this summer?”

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