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About Awesome Alice

Welcome! I’m so glad you’re here!

This blog was created for busy and overwhelmed moms who need quick solutions, fun activities for kids and reminders to pause and enjoy the little things in life!

Motherhood is hard and I’m committed to helping you make it easier.

Stick with me and I’ll hook you up with parenting tips (hey, everyone needs them), the best kids products (that I can promise you need!), gift guides (so you don’t have to spend half your life strolling around different stores), relationships advice (don’t forget to spend time with your man!), and most importantly, self-care tips for you (cause you matter too!).

My ultimate goal is to be here for you and just help you make your life easier and more awesome. You know, this is Awesome Alice. Not ”half bad Alice”. And I hope that you think that the content here is awesome too


Meet Viktoria

Awesome Alice | Welcome to the Awesome Alice Blog

I am a mother of two who lives in Sweden.

But then who is Awesome Alice?

The name Awesome Alice is based on my baby girl Alice. The family also consist of a four-year-old boy named Anton and my husband Fredrik (who I met in high school). I love to crochet, craft and organize, but my biggest passion is drinking wine! Just kidding! My biggest passion is spending time with my family (obviously!), but after that, it’s drinking wine. And coffee. And eating chocolate.

I graduated from the University of Malmö with a bachelor in Economics, which I used for a couple of years while working at two different international companies. After a couple of years in Malmö, I and my high school sweetheart (sound goofy, but it’s true!) moved back to our hometown, settled down and had two beautiful babies.

After two years of commuting, I found myself sick of spending most of the day away from my family and decided that there had to be more to life than spending half of it on the bus or at work. And since I was more interested in kids and family life than the corporate business, I quit my job after our second child was born and became a stay at home mom.

But after spending the first couple of weeks watching reality shows way too much, I felt that I needed a place where I could share my passion of writing about parenting and family life with other moms. A place where people wouldn’t find me to be a know it all (like my friends think when I doesn’t hold my tongue). And that’s when this blog was born.

Fun facts:  I’m secretly in love with Jamie Fraser from Outlander (not the actor, but the character!), can’t stand the sand but loves the beach, and totally rock at guitar hero.



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Where to go from here?

What’s your passion? Do you want to read more about parenting, check out some awesome crafts or maybe focus on yourself for a change?

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I’m a craft lover, mother of two from Sweden. I’m here to provide you with tips and tricks that makes motherhood easier.